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Numbers make some people tick (see for instance Our story). We are among those people. In fact, we are almost obsessed by numbers and have put some of our stats here. It is corporate deals in the Nordic region. It is updated quarterly and there is also an overview showing how markets have evolved from 2004 and onwards.

Nordic Corporate Deals 2005–2014

cbw values …


People first. It is a people´s business. Your people are your assets. It is people you have to deal with, convince and sometimes direct. Changes can only be achieved and successful if people are on board.


We strongly believe in true communication. This involves listening to people and using clear language.


Every firm is unique. We will provide you with tailor made advice rather than standardized products.

Firm Firm

We act for firms rather than individual partners. When people ask themselves what they can do for the firm rather than the other way around, much is achieved.


We have never compromised on integrity and do not intend to do it in the future either.