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Who we are …

Mats Anderson

Mats had his initial management-to-change experiences in the mid 1990s in his then Swedish law firm. Since then, he has been involved as a partner in relevant firms or as a consultant in a number of projects, such as mergers, the opening up of greenfield offices in new markets and general strategy projects.

Mats started with Swedish law firm Lagerlöf & Leman in 1991. This firm merged with the international firm Linklaters in 2001, in which Mats was a partner to 2007 when he left to start clear blue water.

Phone: +46 70-683 76 60

Nathalie Söderlund

COO Nathalie Söderlund is the most recent addition to the cbw crew. Prior to joining the firm in October 2014, she had a number of positions in the restaurant industry.


Claes Söderström

Claes, whose background is as a tax lawyer, also has considerable experience of the management of change. As managing partner of Lagerlöf & Leman he implemented the merger of the two founding firms in the 1990s. Claes has also been managing partner of Scandinavian firm MAQS. His experience covers Poland and the Baltic States as well as Scandinavia.

Advisory board

Anthony Cann

Anthony was an M&A/Corporate partner at Linklaters for almost 30 years, principally based in London but with 6 years in New York. He was Head of the Corporate Department of Linklaters from 1995–2000.

Anthony had a leading role in the strategic decision of Linklaters to go multinational and the consequent negotiation of Linklaters & Alliance and the subsequent mergers with several leading firms in different jurisdictions in Europe.

From 2001 until his retirement in 2006 he was the worldwide Senior Partner of Linklaters and led the firm during the integration of the mergers and the development and adoption of the structure and strategy for the enlarged firm. His career as an international lawyer and leader of one of the leading law firms of the world means that Anthony´s experience and network has global reach.

Jeremy Marriage

Jeremy retired as a senior partner of Linklaters in 2006 following a career as an international business lawyer spanning four decades. Having worked in Hong Kong and Paris as well as in London, he played a significant role in Linklaters´ transformation from a City law firm to the international firm it is today.

Latterly his responsibilities gave him extensive experience of management in a global organisation, involving him not only in the UK but also in Sweden and elsewhere in Europe and Asia.

Per-Erik Hasselberg

Per-Erik´s former firms were Lagerlöf, Lagerlöf & Leman and Linklaters. His career is well illustrated by these three names, having taken him and his colleagues from a strong domestic corporate law practice in the 1970s to a leading international law firm in the 21st century.

Per-Erik was instrumental in leading this progression and has as a result extensive experience of the management of change. He has an excellent network in Scandinavia and Europe and holds a number of directorships.